Sunita Fine Foods Organic Tomato Products

Sunita Organic Tomato Products

Sunita’s new range of organic sun ripened tomato products are grown in the carefully farmed rich fertile soils in the Castagneto Carducci municipality of the Province of Livorna in the Tuscany region of Italy. The soil has been cultivated for centuries and has not been exhausted of its nutrients thus giving the tomatoes a unique fragrance and the right balance between acidity and sugar.

This area of Tuscany is perfect for the cultivation of our plump full flavour high quality tomatoes that form the basis for our delicious Arrabiata, Pomarola and Passata sauces. The organic tomatoes are harvested at their best in late August and produced and processed within forty eight hours of harvesting. The Castagneto Carducci area of Tuscany offers the correct sun exposure and rainfall and the proximity to the sea give the tomato its unique flavour.

The ripe and fresh vegetables used in our organic tomato products are sourced directly from the surrounding Tuscan countryside using only the best in traditional Italian farming and cuisine. Using this traditional artisan technology we preserve the characteristics of the tomatoes and offer the best long lasting quality in aroma, taste and flavours to our products.

The Sunita aim is to always offer high quality products, ethical processes and farming all selected with care for you to enjoy in your own recipes, in your own homes.