Sunita Fine Foods Organic Speciality Olives
classic Greek olives

Sunita Fine Foods Range of Organic Speciality Olives

Sunita Organic Speciality Olives

Both our Organic Kalamon and Organic Green Olives are hand-picked to avoid damage to their delicate skins and matured for nine months in order to retain the taste and flavour of the olives.

Sunita works closely with our producer in Greece to guarantee the olives are of the highest quality. Our producer has strong bonds with the local olive farmers who still use the traditional methods to produce the olives. They carefully select the finest olives, give care and attention to the processing techniques in order to retain the taste and flavour of the olives, making our classic Greek Organic Olives superior quality.

Our Organic Kalamon Olives are the king of Greek table olives, beloved and popular Kalamon olives are deep purple, with tight, snappy, shiny skin, and a distinctive almond shape. They're typically preserved in red wine vinegar for a distinctive rich, smoky, fruity flavour.

Our Organic Green Olives are the Konservoila variety; a large, oval, finely textured olive with a smooth unique flavour.


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