Sunita Jumbo Green Olives

Our jumbo green olives are of the Konservoila variety, the most popular and famous of Greek olives. This olive is grown in central Greece and the fruits are generally spherical and technically a “drupe,” a fruit with a single large stone inside.

Serving Suggestions

Love, savour and devour as delicious hors d’oeuvres; crunchy crackers laced with cream cheese, smoked salmon topped with a delectable olive.

Nutritional Information
Average Values per 100g
Energy812kJ /194kcal
Fat 19.8g
of which: Saturates1.6g
of which: sugars0.3g
of which: Mono-unsaturates15.3g
of which: Polyunsaturates2.9g
Salt 8.2g
RI = Reference Intake
Product Information
IngredientsJumbo green olives, water, sea salt,
acidity regulator: lactic acid.
Not guaranteed free from olive stones.
Allergen AdviceNo allergens present.
Suitable forVegetarians, vegans, coeliac,
lactose intolerant.
Produce ofGreece
Sizes AvailableVacuum pack 450g
Also available in
2kg 10kg & 13kg

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