Sunita Garlic Stuffed Olives
speciality Greek olives in brine

Sunita Fine Foods Garlic Stuffed Olives

These hand harvested Sunita Konservoila green olives are stuffed with fresh garlic cloves and make a delicious and healthy appetiser.

Nutritional Information
Average Values per 100g
Energy778kJ /186kcal
Fat 16.3g
of which: Saturates2.4g
of which: Mono-unsaturates12.5g
of which: Polyunsaturates1.4g
of which: sugars0.4g
RI = Reference Intake
Product Information
IngredientsGreen olives, water, garlic, sea salt, acidity
regulator: lactic acid.
Allergen AdviceNo allergens present.
Suitable forVegetarians, vegans, coeliac,
lactose intolerant.
Produce ofGreece
Sizes Available360g, 2kg.