Sunita Fine Foods Exra Virgin Olive Oils

Sunita Greek Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Athinola and Koronauki olives are cultivated with no chemical substances and to strict organic standards. This premium organic extra virgin olive oil is lightly spiced offering an intense aroma of fresh herbs and a touch of artichoke with a yellow-green colour.

Sunita Organic Extra Virgin Olive

Sunita organic extra-virgin olive oil is made from the cold pressing of a blend of the finest selected organic olives. High in monounsaturated fats this organic extra virgin olive oil has delicate aromatic flavours which is ideal for all culinary dishes, hot or cold.

Hellenic Sun Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Cretan Olive Oil has excellent quality characteristics. Its acidity is extremely low and its organoleptic characteristics (flavor, aroma) are excellent. In other words, the unparalleled flavour and exceptional aroma of Cretan olive oil certainly owe themselves to the properties of Cretan soil, the indigenous Coroneiki variety, the high level of sunshine and the dry climate which prevails in most areas of the island, particularly during the autumn and winter period when the oil is formed within the fruit. The quality of extra virgin olive oil produced on Crete has been officially recognized by international organizations, leading scientists and taste specialists.