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Isola Bio Dairy Free/Vegan Products

Introducing Sunita’s delicious new unique range of organic dairy free drinks produced in Italy by Isola Bio. This new range of gluten free cereal drinks are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and lactose free diets, are cholesterol and sugar free and contain no artificial sweeteners.

These natural one hundred percent organic drinks offer rich and traditional flavours from a wide range of vegetables and cereals but maintaining all the nutritional values of the raw ingredients guaranteeing delicious additions to your recipes any time of day; this delicious range of beverages, naturally sweetened with agave nectar and apple juice, are full of charm and surprise at any dining table.

Easy to digest, extremely nutritious and an excellent source of many health enhancing nutrients including natural soy calcium, potassium and vitamin E to name just a few, they can assist in reducing cholesterol, insulin sensitivity in diabetics and help to stabilise blood sugar levels.


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