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About Isola Bio

Isola Bio cereals are grown ethically by farmers on four hundred hectares of exclusively allocated farmland at Societa Agricola La Goccia, Badia Polensine, Italy. La Goccia, co-founded by Isola Bio and Aba Foods combines the in-depth knowledge and increasingly green values of the Isola Bio brand.

The values of Società Agricola La Goccia can be summarised in these five key points:

  • The stringent control of the seeds used, all of which originate from ENSE (control body that certifies organic seeds)
  • The guaranteed use of OGM free seeds
  • The direct work on the land by our employees
  • Respect for the natural biorhythms of the crops
  • A systematic control on crop harvests before they are used in preparation of the drinks

Four of the main cereals, Spelt, Millet, Oats and Soya, found in Isola Bio drinks come from La Goccia farmland where through innovative research and development over many years they have harmoniously combined insatiable flavours, high quality and impeccable safety practices.

For over thirteen years Isola Bio has farmed and produced to extremely high standards and values ensuring consumer health and wellbeing and that of the planet too, creating natural harmony and equilibrium with life and the rhythms of the earth. Consequently Isola Bio only partner with specialist stores that share the same values and their green policies and we are proud to become one of their exclusive partners and suppliers.


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